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Jr. Whitecaps

Minnesota Jr. Whitecaps Program Description

In the fall of 2004, the Minnesota Whitecaps became the first Professional Women's Hockey Team in the United States. Three short years later current Whitecaps Captain Winny Brodt-Brown, along with Chris Peterson, founded the Minnesota Jr. Whitecaps, a program designed to challenge Elite Level High School aged female hockey players.

The primary focus of the Jr. Whitecaps is to continue skill development, help improve hockey knowledge and assist in the college recruiting process for female players hockey players. Since 2007, the Jr. Whitecaps have helped place more than 90 players in Division I or Division III Women's College Hockey. From Maine to Minnesota, a former Jr. Whitecap player can be found. The Jr. Whitecaps begin training in March, and conclude with a final tournament Labor Day weekend each off-season. For more information, please contact a Chris Peterson or Winny Brodt Brown below.

Winny Brodt Brown

Co-Director MN Jr. Whitecaps

Chris Peterson

Co-Director MN Jr. Whitecaps